untitled-design   Using her event planning skills to coordinate fundraisers  that not only give back to the community, but also celebrate the strength and resourcefulness of women, is a dream come true for Handbags of Hope Exchange founder, Erika Hernandez. It’s been a long road for this New Jersey based event planner who focused on building relationships with the best vendors, establishing herself with key clients to create memorable events and collaborations. All of this came together as a part of her dream: channeling her love of design and detail into the launch of her own event planning business in 2010.

In 2015, Erika founded Handbags of Hope Exchange during a time in her life when she believed all hope was gone. Feeling she had no one to turn to, her goal with this organization was to support women who may also be at a crossroads in their life, motivating and empowering women to live the life they dreamed possible.” A blessing for blessing. It is my way of paying it forward,” says Erika.